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the Grace Hart show

The Show that changes ANYTHING
Changing anything with the tools of Access Consciousness®

From 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time every Monday; The Grace Hart Show will be a half hour of giggles, joy, possibilities, creation and chaos, where I invite you to create your life, make lots of cash and have a miraculous life! 


This show is my gift to YOU, for those who are dying, crying, creating, inspiring, being beaten, abused, the creators, the leaders, in hospital, alone, depressed, excited, grieving, feel wrong all the time, just got fired, found your dream relationship or job, lost your home in a fire, your child graduated, a loved one had head on collision, you’re pregnant, broke, you want to get pregnant, just won some money, your in a park, on the seas wherever you are and whatever’s going on for you I’ll be there as your fan club, your muse, your cheer leader, your invitation and inspiration, to know you have choice, you’re not alone and that you can change and create possibilitie at the speed of space. 


I will celebrate you and be the space of kindness, caring and possibilities no matter what’s showing up for you. 

“Are you ready to be the future possibility you came here to be?” 

It’s a show that will be the invitation for you to be the definitely different magical gift you be. 
It’s a show that will change your life as you know it!

It’s a show that is an energy that if you chose, ANYTHING becomes possible. 


It’s a show that will gift you some amazing Access Consciousness tools so you can create or change anything. 


Are you ready to bring what has never been created before to our sweet planet?

Are you ready to have a whole lot of fun knowing what you know? 

Are you ready to be the creator, alchemists and magician of you life? 

Are you ready to change the world?
To invite the world to a totally different possibility? 


This is your invitation to come join me every monday and change your life quick and easy with these amazing tools! 

How the heck does it get bigger, better, wetter and more fun than that?!