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Miraculous Magical Monthly Calls

Welcome Miraculous Creators!

Would you love to receive the energies of miraculousness, chaos, question, possibilities..creating your life?

Dance and play with the energies of enthusiasm and exuberance, know you can change anything quick and easy…then this call is for you!

Is now the time to change ANYTHING?

“What can you create that you’re actually capable of creating that you haven’t been acknowledging and choosing to be?”

Are you ready to stop blaming and to choose what you’re not willing to choose or receive about you?

Then these monthly calls are for YOU! Have fun. Giggles If you are choosing a miraculous life and wish to be on the monthly calls…

You will receive a one hour monthly call, the clearings on a loop and on PDF from each call.

You will also receive the possibilities of discounts to other Choosing Greater offerings and FREE GIFTS, for your ongoing contribution to this space and for choosing to play and create a new reality.

How cool is that and how does it get better?


So grateful for the magic you be!


To register for this monthly subscription; kindly complete the form below.


I agree to the audio/visual release disclaimer. Note: Many classes are recorded for audio and made available to participants. Online Classes and some others are filmed (cameras are generally focused on the facilitator). The disclaimer is a legal requirement that assists us in providing class material to participants and a larger audience.

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