Using the dynamic, real time changing tools of Access Consciousness® mixed with Grace’s contagious laughter and wicked sense of humour, Grace holds a space of ease and joy where change happens at the speed of space.

Grace has been described as a bomb of consciousness and a magical bulldozer of possibilities, who’ll have you laughing so much you won’t even know how much you have changed.

An hour with Grace will have you opening up to the space of infinite possibilities without judgement…with magic. 

“Are you ready to be the magical miracle walking?”

“Through the wonder and treasure that Grace Hart is I have discovered the world of Access Consciousness®. She has opened my mind and heart to the infinite possibilities available to me and guided me through wonderful techniques to free myself from constant negative mind chatter, pain, judgement, and limiting beliefs that I was so prepared to accept as my own. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful inspirational being she be.”

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How does it get any easier than that?

What else is possible?