Welcome to the magical space of infinite possibilities here in Offerings!

This is the place you can explore with curiosity and wonder at what Grace Hart is choosing, being and creating with her gifts, talents, abilities and capacities, with beings and bodies and the entire universe.

Would you like to be, know, perceive and receive more than you ever thought was truly possible?

What if you are the magician, the alchemist of your own reality?

What if there are things only you know! Are you willing to be all of you and share with our sweet earth what you have been keeping secret, even from you?

Is now the time for you to know what you are, who you are and what you were birthed here to create?

What if you are the gift, the magic, the miracle, the possibility this world requires?

This space will be the space of everything uniquely Grace Hart. It will encompass the tools of Access Consciousness® facilitated as only Grace can.

For all things specifically Access® (Body Classes, Core Classes etc) please pop on over to the ‘Access Consciousness®’ page on this site.