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Welcome to my books page, it’s the place where I share all my written creations.

Sharing these with you has been such a gift…to see how someone reading one of my books can totally transform their life and living.

With my books I also invite certain energies to come and play. Energies of possibilities, ease, play and other creative energies such as gratitude.
When you purchase a book; not only will you receive some amazing tools and information you will also in real time, start to change your life due to the energies held within and around my books.
You will have a stronger connection with everything that is.

Are you ready to be the leader and creator of your own reality?

If you click the down arrow, pick one of my books that tap you on the shoulder as if to say, “Me, pick me!”

If they all do? My recommendation is to start with the Book that Changes Anything. This will give you some foundational tools of magic and creation and the ability to change anything and everything.

Sweet ones, do you have a book in you?

Are you hiding words that the universe is asking you to write?

What if you are a magical gift of possibilities?

What if by writing your book and sharing what only you know can change the world. This is my invitation to you to know your greatness and write sweet being…write… I’ve had over the years thousands of peoples lives change due to my words on a page.

What gift of you are you avoiding?

What do you know that you are keeping secret, even from you!

My written creations thus far…


The Book That Changes Anything


The Tools That Change Anything – Coming Soon


Beyond The Victim Song


Beyond Court & Conflict – Coming Soon


Magical Miracle Walking – Coming Soon


The Peacemakers Way


Each of these books will be available as an eBook initially, with an audio version as well. Print medium will follow at a later stage. 

These are/will be available in the Choosing Greater ‘Shop’ on this website.


Thank you 🌸🌸🌸🌸