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Who is Grace Hart?

Welcome to the space of infinite possibilities!

Grace Hart is a best selling author, clairvoyant medium, musician and mother of three. Grace was raised in mainstream society until an accident as a late teen changed her whole reality and created something completely different, created different choices. Rushed to hospital in a critical condition after a near death experience and breaking 48 bones in her body, Grace arose with new gifts. The gift of incredible awareness and potently psychic.

Grace can relate to the many challenges people face, she’s “been there, done that” with diverse life experiences and the associated high and lows covering the full emotional spectrum. What else is truly possible now?

Grace has been the wife of a senator, travelled the world meeting many famous and interesting people, creates her life and living as a single mum, and knows what it’s like to struggle and experience intense physical pain.

Grace is an experienced clairvoyant medium reading for famous actors and politicians. Whilst promoting her first book, “The Peacemaker’s Way” she created the possibility of engaging with the Dalai Lama’s official bowl players and was gifted a set of their Tibetan singing bowls. This engagement created a new avenue for Grace of therapeutic sound, to which Grace produced CD’s of soothing therapeutic, meditative music that is both captivating and mesmerising. 

Her journey has been filled with many situations which led her to a point of seeking and knowing there HAD to be something greater than this…and there is!

“I was lost in lifes dramas and didn’t know how to dig my way out of the stories I had created. I didn’t know how to live without difficulties. Grace invited me out of the depths of my emotional and physical despair. She invited me to create my life, a life that matched the direction of my desires. I get now anything is possible and that I always have choice. If you’re feeling stuck I invite you to have a session with Grace.

Thank you Grace! I’ve got my back! and my life back.”

M. Australia

Welcome to Choosing Greater!